As promised here are the contest rules and question (in the form of Jeopardy) and only U.S. residents can participate, please. You tell me the right answer to my question you get to pick an 8×10 print of one of the paintings below.  Email me the answer If a group of people(let’s say five) send me the right answer then I will pick one winner from that group. Email me your address and please give me time to get to the post office( 4 days). I live in the boondocks with foxes, sheep, snakes, high winds, and the occasional cougar, so you know… This Contest ends on 26th of May 2017.

Lastly, please send me a pic of the print on your wall or desk. It makes me feel good to see that.

Ready? Here is the question:

________________,was an American abstract artist(and sculptor) who married a baroness and moved to Italy. He employed mark-making in his paintings. He died in 2011.



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